Birthing a business – myHeartykid is born

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Birthing a Business – myHeartykid is born…


I am always inspired to work on myself and grow, so I joined an incredible mastermind group with Susan Mayginnes called the Yoga of Leadership.  Her incredible group can be found here: While in this group I felt encouraged to do something big and bold. I wanted to create a project that would take a lot of courage and meet the financial needs of people I love and adore. Launching my new educational and inspirational toy for kids of all ages, myHeartykid, is just that….BIG, BOLD AND HEARTY!

Here is the myHeartykid story: While in kindergarten, my daughter’s good friend, Ella, felt afraid to
raise her hand. I wanted to help her feel BRAVE. I told her if she wrote down all the times she was courageous during the week, I would make her a surprise. Poof, myHeartykid was born. This toy helps kids develop the characteristics they want to step into by helping them visualize and actualize their dreams and desires! MyHeartykid’s owner writes a dream, or an intention, places it in myHeartykid’s pocket, looks at it each and every day and decides how to realize the dream in a special way.

Every step of this journey has been filled with trust and magic.

For example, I had no idea how to design and sew myHeartykid. I put out an intention to find the right person. I was wandering around my little town, waiting to pick up my kids, and I noticed this new Yoga Studio. I walked over, peeked in the downstairs store and inside there was a successful designer/seamstress, who had just moved in to the suite of offices. WOW! I asked her if she could pinky-swear to secrecy about myHeartykid.  Noor agreed and our friendship and design relationship began. She is the genius behind their production and perfection.

In January, I had an intention to put myself out there at more art festivals and really stand as an art therapist. Then I saw a call for applications for Laura Inserra of Samavesha’s incredible vision: Art in Nature…The Nature of Art (happening this Sunday, September 21st from 11-5 in Redwood Canyon in Oakland). I am happy she is giving me the opportunity to do what I love by letting me join this event!

I will be guiding families in creating Vision Boards as well as launching myHeartykid the same day! They will be on sale at the “Art in Nature” store.

I am being a Hearty Kid. I am creating intentions and living the life I love! I keep writing down intentions, and the dreams I want to manifest. All of my doubts and fears start to surface: ”What if…what if, what if! What if no one likes it, it doesn’t work, people don’t understand it, or I can’t teach people how it works?” “What if no one buys it?” Lucky for me I  surround myself  with wonderful people who give me encouragement, so I keep moving forward through my fears.

I am celebrating being an entrepreneur, a therapeutic life coach and artist all in one! I am doing this with the support of those around me. I am living a life bigger than I ever thought I could.

Who do you have in your life that can encourage you to step out, create and live the life you have always dreamed of? What magical journey is awaiting you?


PS  If you can relate to this post, reach out to me by signing up for a free coaching session.  I would love to help you connect in with YOUR big dream and support you in Living a Life You Love!


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