The pleasure of doughnuts…

Her gnarled fingers held the fork. I recognized those hands. They smoked cigarettes in front of me for years. They also held doughnuts with me every week. And, most importantly they drove a lime green Porsche, which was coveted by my 10-year old self. Those were the hands of my beloved childhood therapist, Dr. Dixie […]

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The hidden gem…

I had an amazing opportunity to co-lead a Passover seder with a new friend for a group of people of all different beliefs, and spiritual/religious practices.  It was the first time in my life, where because of our willingness to sit with one another, our differences felt uniting.  Around this ritual, which had words, invitations […]

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The strangest thing happened at last month’s labyrinth walk.  My intention for that month was to Follow YOUr Heart – no matter what it looks like, brings up, or however many ripples it causes in your personal pond.  I did just that.  I walked and walked and…walked.  I was reviewing some big decisions and was […]

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Is TIME on your side

Oh my. I rush. I move fast. I push, push, push. It’s all with very good intention. If I stick to my tight schedule, I will get home to be with my kids earlier than expected. I will get my work done and I will be reliable and efficient.  My kids have a very high […]

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Who is in YOUR fan club?

Who is your number one fan?  Who do you go to when you want to make a major change in your life?  We all need someone in our corner. This fan might be a coach, confidant, friend, mentor…the list can go on and on. The important thing is to have a trustworthy fan who will […]

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Birthing a business – myHeartykid is born

  Birthing a Business – myHeartykid is born…   I am always inspired to work on myself and grow, so I joined an incredible mastermind group with Susan Mayginnes called the Yoga of Leadership.  Her incredible group can be found here: While in this group I felt encouraged to do something big and bold. […]

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Turn off and tune in

Every week we observe Shabbat…a 24-hour period of rest…..phones off, media shut down (I struggle with this part) and we rest, connect, and eat amazing food.  Sounds heavenly, eh?  Well, this is also where the most shadowy issues come up for me.  I am certain it is because I am going against the cultural flow […]

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The gift of boredom

When kids say “I’m bored,” that just means they feel disconnected with themselves. How can we help a child feel more connected? Encourage them to do something for someone else. Feed a cat, water an herb garden, clean up the neighbor’s yard, do art, read a book or simply do some writing. Have a list […]

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A lofty goal!

I set a lofty goal for myself. I decided to run a half marathon the first weekend of my 50th year.  I jumped right in and started running – regularly and far (6 miles) for a non-runner.  Then the pain in my toe started.  I stopped running.  And I had to grow compassion for myself […]

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