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Who is in YOUR fan club?

Who is your number one fan?  Who do you go to when you want to make a major change in your life?  We all need someone in our corner. This fan might be a coach, confidant, friend, mentor…the list can go on and on. Here’s the thing…if you research all of the most successful people […]

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The pleasure of doughnuts…

Her gnarled fingers held the fork. I recognized those hands. They smoked cigarettes in front of me for years. They also held doughnuts with me every week. And, most importantly they drove a lime green Porsche, which was coveted by my 10-year old self. Those were the hands of my beloved childhood therapist, Dr. Dixie […]

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Birthing a business – myHeartykid is born

  Birthing a Business – myHeartykid is born…   I am always inspired to work on myself and grow, so I joined an incredible mastermind group with Susan Mayginnes called the Yoga of Leadership.  Her incredible group can be found here: While in this group I felt encouraged to do something big and bold. […]

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The gift of boredom

When kids say “I’m bored,” that just means they feel disconnected with themselves. How can we help a child feel more connected? Encourage them to do something for someone else. Feed a cat, water an herb garden, clean up the neighbor’s yard, do art, read a book or simply do some writing. Have a list […]

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A lofty goal!

I set a lofty goal for myself. I decided to run a half marathon the first weekend of my 50th year.  I jumped right in and started running – regularly and far (6 miles) for a non-runner.  Then the pain in my toe started.  I stopped running.  And I had to grow compassion for myself […]

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Compare & Despair

Do you like gravel rubbing against your tushy, then COMPARE yourself to your neighbor?  I share with clients that comparing yourself to your neighbor is like getting dropped off the teeter-totter when you were a kid. I get a good chuckle and instantly people understand that in comparing yourself there is a winner and a […]

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