Who You Are

Who You Are

Not everything we do is what many would consider typical.  Sometimes humor and light-hearted conversation can be very therapeutic.  You understand that.  You want a  skilled mentor who is great at creating a place where you feel safe, have your real experience and know that you won’t be judged.   

You want to engage in a healthy conversation around what you are going through and feel empathy and get solutions.  

All  kinds of people seek Executive Therapeutic Coaching.  You are highly motivated and know the value of getting support.  You are comfortable with what is going well but want to lean in regarding the areas that are not running so smoothly.

You know the benefit of utilizing therapeutic coaching and benefit from highlighting your strengths and value looking at areas where you can grow.  

One of the things you truly love to do is discover a different way of thinking.

You are willing to be gently and intentionally guided in the process of transforming old behaviors and exploring new thought patterns.

You are open to seeing the ‘stories’ that seem to be running your life.

You are ready, willing and committed to making big changes.