The Best Nest

In a span of four weeks I am moving both of my parents (79 and 82) into their respective downsizing living situations.  They are divorced and live very differently.  They live in different states, literally and figuratively.  My father loves simplicity and cleanliness.  My mother loves her stuff and is comforted by the nest she weaves around her.  They are both very healthy (thank God) and both want to move – well sort of.  The sandwich generation describes me to a T.  While my parents are scaling back and reducing their carbon footprint, my two young daughters are more aware of and intrigued by labels, brands and a need to acquire stuff and more stuff.  I see myself in the middle.  

I want to help create a move that makes them feel loved, safe and well-cared for.  And I am reminded that much of it is out of my control.  What works for each of them may not be the best nest I see for  them.

This also happens to my greatest intention in my work: How can I honor one’s ‘best nest?’

I was cleaning my outside back area and I was just about to throw out this old moldy grocery bag hanging from a bird feeder.  I wondered why it was there in the first place.  I then remembered hanging it to dry.  “Finally,” I said to myself,  “It’s time to get rid of it.”  I took it down and felt weight in the bottom. I peeked inside, ready to be disgusted by something I assumed I left there.  It couldn’t have been further from the truth.  In that moment I noticed the sweetest, most perfectly constructed nest.  The best nest inside my old moldy grocery bag.  I gently replaced the bag, apologized to the mystery bird and shared with her my sentiments and invited her to carry on with her nest-building plans in my moldy bag.

This same day I was working with a client who was having a hard time letting love and nurturing in to her life.  I shared the above anecdote.  

We easily made the connection: A bird built its nest in my old moldy bag trusting it was safe.  It somehow knew I wouldn’t throw out it’s home even though there was mold.

Through this anecdote, my client noted she learned to trust my care, my love. and my belief and her and her healing.

When you work with me, I will never “throw out your nest” until I am directly instructed to…it may just be your best nest.


For over 20 years, I have owned my own businesses and love my work.  I work nationally and internationally with clients face-to-face, by telephone and online.  I am both playful and serious.  I am both a coach and therapist and combine these two practices very effectively.  I hold my work with intention and, at the same time, work closely and consistently with clients to guide them toward their path of greater joy. To set up a time to talk with me, please send me a message here.

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