The hidden gem…


I had an amazing opportunity to co-lead a Passover seder with a new friend for a group of people of all different beliefs, and spiritual/religious practices.  It was the first time in my life, where because of our willingness to sit with one another, our differences felt uniting.  Around this ritual, which had words, invitations and meanings that everyone could pull from, we found connection that fed my Jewish soul and the souls of the people around me.  I invited my new friends into conversations, my family rituals and an evening like no other. A Jewish/Buddhist seder was a first for many of us.

When I returned home, I woke up this morning to a photo from a former client.  It was the anniversary of her mother’s death, and to honor her mother, she cut into a watermelon – her mother’s favorite food.   Inside, she found a heart.

She texted me: “I thought of you, Lisa, because I knew you would appreciate it more than anyone.” She went on to reflect, “I am who I am today because of the tools and mirroring that you shared with me.”  The phone call was another beautiful reminder of what happens when space is held for one another in an open, accepting and loving way.

Both of these experiences gave added meaning as to why I put on retreats and do the work I love as a therapeutic life coach.  I love to create safe, adventurous spaces to allow something to emerge that may have been there all along, but had not yet had an outlet to come into existence.


Life is A Shared Adventure is a retreat for women who are craving connection, deepening conversations and creative expression. I hope many people will join us June 26-29 for a weekend that is scientifically proven to improve your health. How this happens is a secret. To find out more, you have to join us!  It is a safe, creative adventure retreat to connect with others, yourself and honor your truth. Who knows, you may find hearts inside your watermelon.



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