BIGlove In Action

Y’all know I post more hearts than I should.  Well, not really.  Where I focus my mind, those things show up.  I am certain it is the same for all of us.

I want to honor BIGlove in the world of people I know (and don’t know).  Please share with me acts of BIGlove that you experience, hear about, know about or see.  And I will do the same.
This sweet story was shared with me, today, about my very own dad.

My dad is 83 and probably single-handedly keeps the restaurant business alive in Salt Lake City, Utah.  At his funeral, there will be a contingency of waiters and waitresses who have realized their dreams because of my dad’s continued support.

Sure enough, one of those lovely young women shared this story:

“Your dad was my first friend in Utah.”  “When I started at the cafe, they told me that there is this man who comes in every day, and your job (and training) is waiting on him.”

“Your dad always smiled and was kind to me.  He was my first friend.  I was struggling and wasn’t always on to of my game, but your dad always gave me the benefit of the doubt.”

Fast forward….four years later…she is the healthiest she’s ever been, got her life together, and went and visited my dad and shared with him how much his BIGlove made a difference in her life at a time when there wasn’t a lot of LOVE.

I BIGlove you, Dad.

Please share your BIGlove stories.

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