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Do you ever feel blindsided by the blues?

Do you ever feel blindsided by your blues? Even if you don’t think you suffer from depression, this is for everyone:
Lately in my practice, the tears have been streaming down clients’ faces.  “But why am I so sad?” They ask themselves in dissonance. “Everything in my life is going well.” We are often bombarded by social media snippets of surface-level happiness, leading us to compare and question our own lives.
This feeling of unworthiness to experience one’s feelings, high or low, only compounds the heavy, wet blanket that is depression.
As a Therapeutic Coach, I help clients become aware of past pain and patterns in order to create new, healthy behaviors and ways of thinking. Sadness and depression are hard to manage alone, but with support, you can learn to find your power over and over again.
My unique combination of therapy and coaching gives high functioning clients hope and concrete strategies to move their dreams forward. I also help you uncover the limiting beliefs that sabotage you, so that they can be consciously swapped out for those beliefs that serve you. Your body remembers pain that even you may not, and we can learn how to heal old wounds, find blocks in the body, and move into empowerment.
Please reach out if I can support you in any way. I can guide you in the right direction.
I am so excited to invite you to my next women’s retreat in October.  Unfolding YOUr Truth
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