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BIGLove in Action

A year or so ago I helped a friend* take the courageous step in which they asked for positive reflections from friends, family, and colleagues. This was a huge leap for him. We called it ‘BIGlove.’ The remarkable response left the rest of the group open-hearted and believing in the importance of communicating our love […]

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Whale Shark

Recently I was invited by a group of Executives to lead creative coaching sessions for them in Mexico. My invitation was this: “Will you please come on our women’s retreat and do your ‘magic’.” I had no idea what this ultimately would look like, but I said yes, gathered my ‘magic’ and booked my plane […]

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Recently, I took on the task of separately moving both my mother and my father out of their homes, within a three week period. In both moves, I discovered recipe files with ‘old fashioned’ recipe cards. I never used these words before; but now with raising teens, and so many amongst me, the “olden days”, […]

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BIGlove In Action

Y’all know I post more hearts than I should.  Well, not really.  Where I focus my mind, those things show up.  I am certain it is the same for all of us. I want to honor BIGlove in the world of people I know (and don’t know).  Please share with me acts of BIGlove that […]

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