When Is A Habit Distracting You From Your Best Life?

You know yourself well.  Your bullshit meter is probably very high.  You know when you are pretending that something isn’t happening in your life.  You know when there’s something you ‘should’ be doing that you are not doing. When you ignore these instincts, you are only hiding from your best self. Perhaps you are overspending, overeating, over drinking, over people-pleasing, – over anything!  These are many habits I am addressing in this blog.  

To complete this year (and begin the new year) I am abstaining from w(h)ine.  It was having me.  One glass a night was kicking my ass.  I was falling asleep before my youngest child,  I was missing conversations with my husband, and I was excusing my behavior by saying, “I am tired”, because I am an early bird.  The truth is: the wine was becoming a distraction, it wasn’t  destructive per se, but it was keeping me from living my best life.

When does a habit cause destruction vs. distraction or vice versa?  This is my favorite question to finish out this year and launch into my new year.  I don’t begin new behaviors solely on the first day of the year. Throughout the year I am continually starting new practices.  So I am practicing abstaining from wine as a transformational practice.

Join me now in transforming a habit that has you by the “you-know-whats.”  Let it go, simply because you have no idea what could be on the other side.  Give yourself a week to meet a new version of yourself.  If you like how you feel after that week, keep going.

Personally, I am finding pure joy on the other side of my usual glass of w(h)ine.  Feel free to call me so I can tell you more and inspire your transformation.  I have been told I am an awesome accountability partner.

Hopefully, these sleep tips will help guide you into heavenly rest, download and print and keep them where you can easily find them.

Happy New Year.  Now.  Right Now.


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