Happy THANKS-giving….try this it will spring you into gratitude.

I gave thanks to someone much younger than me and who lives with me.  I am trying to protect her identity.  You probably can guess who I am talking about.

She and I had quite a fight.  The details don’t matter but her anger is what sparked my THANKS.

She was holding up a mirror to my blind spots.  She opened a powerful conversation about conditional and unconditional LOVE.  It made me stop and think for 48 hours.  Am I able to LOVE unconditionally?  Right now, I have to admit that I think the answer is NO.  And, I was also able to sink in and commit to being there for her Unconditionally.  This is my most important job as her mother.  I am committed to being there for her NO MATTER WHAT.  Our fight allowed me to declare my unconditional presence.  So I wrote her a thank you note.  Had we not had our fight, I wouldn’t have been able to open to my blind spots.  I still have work to do on the unconditional love part.  When something isn’t given to you, it takes a lot of work to practice it.  As we know, practice makes perfect.  

So on this holiday of thanks, see if you can find your blind spot, open to it, and thank the person who is holding up the uncomfortable mirror.


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