Wrestling with Jobs-Life-Family-Work Imbalance

An invitation to cultivate balance and stability…..

Oh, my. I rush. I move fast. I push, push, push. It’s all with good intention. If I stick to my tight schedule, I will get home to be with my kids earlier than expected. I will get my work done, and I will be reliable and efficient.  My kids have a very high functioning relationship with time. They know to get up ON TIME. They already value being EARLY.  They, unfortunately,  often experience being RUSHED from circumstances beyond THEIR control.  I know many of us (myself sometimes too) feel this way.

Recently while I was on vacation, I decided to stop wearing a watch and live by my internal clock.  Naturally, I awoke early, which gave me time to play in my creative practice.  I meditated and listened to the waves.  I also read each morning for at least an hour.  Ahhhhh.  You may not remember how delicious a book feels, but I highly recommend picking up an actual book and feel the weight of wonderful).

The greatest teaching I received while on vacation happened while being in the most phenomenal yoga classes with LuLu (wavesyogakauai.com) and she admitted she struggled with her time management.  Each class went over the allotted time, and that was that.  Although it was luxurious, I wondered about the rest of her day.  Not once did she focus on herself.  She simply was in service of the yogis in her studio.  She was also mindful that some of the students had places to be and made it easy for them to slip out of class.  The teaching was this:  the choice of balance or imbalance resides within each one of us.

So, while on this same vacation, I also treated myself to NOT working.  I decided it was a great challenge for me.  I LOVE what I do, and thus I don’t feel drained checking in with clients while on vacation.  But, I had a big ah-ha!  I needed to value turning IT off as much as I value turning IT on.   “IT” is everything I do.  I wanted to feel more embodied; I wanted to sit and eat breakfast and really listen to my husband.  I wanted to go to long yoga inspirations with my youngest daughter.  I chose a more balanced day.

So, what was different?  NOTHING except how I decided to BE.  It didn’t matter that I was on vacation.  What is important is how I choose to live my life.  It’s up to each one of us to create lives we love with balance or im-balance.   I got to BE and not DO.  Don’t get me wrong; I love doing.  I am a polychromic type (thanks, Martha Beck). As much as I coach, therapize and encourage others to take a breather, it was apparent that I, too, really needed one. I am proud to note that I deserve an A+ for my efforts.

PS If you can relate to this post, reach out to me as I would love to help you connect in with how you change your relationship with busyness.  I would love to support you in getting on track and Creating a Life You Love!  And, you might just be the right candidate for my October retreat.  If you are interested, let’s have a conversation.

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