RSC (a powerfully simple tool)…

When you work with me, you get used to me saying RSC.




Doing whatever you need to do to take care of you in the very best way – whatever form that takes in your life.





Drink Ice Water.


Acro Yoga.

Know what is your RSC and go to it whenever you start to feel yourself getting off center.  Kids have summer where they get to be themselves outside of school, but adults can do what they want so it would seem that it is always ‘summer’ for us.

Remind yourself this: I can do what I want and need to take care of myself.  This is ‘summer’ when you are an adult. Of course, you must tend to your responsibilities but just imagine taking RADICAL SELF CARE super seriously AND fulfilling your professional and personal responsibilities.

From there you have room to take a risk.  Then your life changes.  So be brave.  Sign up for a new class (I took a big risk by signing up for an African dance class.  I was scared to be the only one in the class who didn’t know what the hell I was doing)!

It’s powerful when you mix RSC and being brave.  Just one BIG risk.  Why?  Because as Will Smith says, “God places the best things in life on the other side of fear.”

You need not travel that that far outside your comfort zone.   Just move in the direction of the most powerful version of yourself.  That’s how to have summer when you are an adult….RSC – radical self-care and bravery.  Lighten up on your self-judgment and take a risk.  

Join me and go for it.  It’s worth it.

If you are interested in a VIP day dedicated to RSC, I have designed it especially for you. You can learn more about this day of Radical Self Care here.


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