Someone yelled at me in a yoga class, and it changed my life

When my kids were young, I attended yoga and pilates classes to get my body and mind back in balance.  I regularly went to try and reclaim myself.  I loved going until one day this man yelled at me….and then I loved them even more.

I was in class and had to leave early for some reason.  Perhaps at that time, I could only tolerate so much of being in my skin and breath.  I was comfortable being in my thoughts and always editing my thinking to set cleaner and clearer intentions.

As I emerged out of the class and headed down the stairs, one of my male classmates was at the bottom of the stairs, and he looked up at me and yelled, “DO YOU HAVE A.D.D. OR SOMETHING? YOU NEVER HOLD A POSE, YOU ARE ALWAYS MOVING AROUND, AND THEN YOU LEAVE EARLY.  I HATE BEING IN CLASSES WITH YOU.”  I calmly responded, “I am so sorry who I have affected you so intensely.”  I meant it.  Here he was holding up a big mirror that I hadn’t looked into thus far.

He was right.  I was distracted.  I was uncomfortable.  And I did have ADD – Artistic Distraction Disorder.  I have always preferred something artistic.  And yoga was the place I needed to practice getting more grounded rather than acting out my disconnect.  It took me about three weeks to get the guts up to go back to class; not because I was afraid, but because I took to heart what he bravely (and intensely) shared about me and I wanted to know that I was ready to be in class fully present.  And my practice has only deepened since then.

When I saw him, he looked mortified.  He apologized profusely and begged for forgiveness.  When he finished, I said, “I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  I went on to tell him that he was right and his comments meant that my practice would deepen and I was much more self-aware.  I told him I thought he bravely held up a mirror that no one else ever had.  I have come to realize that we can’t possibly understand what those of us around us are experiencing.

For me, yoga is the practice of continuously stepping back into my body, my experience and letting breath move through me while staying fully awake and aware – something that surprisingly, can be, really challenging.

It allows me to step into a kind of peace in my own body.  And this peace, breath by breath, informs my day.

This is what I do with clients.  I hold up a mirror and show them their reflection in a whole new way.  If you want an experience of kind, loving and powerful reflection, please reach out to me so we can talk.

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September is National Yoga Month, let’s celebrate

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