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OWN YOUR 2019 December Call – Reserve your spot now


Imagine this:

What if 2019 was sure to be the most extraordinary year you have ever lived?

One that exceeded your biggest and juiciest vision ever?

What if instead of just making your biz goals this year you created a year that blew you away?

Hey… why go for good or great when you can have spectacular?

This is the year I’m already experiencing and I want you to experience it as well.  

I’m talking about a year where your business skyrockets to a whole new level (I am so excited to teach you what I do to attract more clients and earn more money).

A year where you go for a vision that is massive, awesome, almost unbelievable

I have a perfect way to do this – and, it’s FREE!


My year-long coaching program is a powerful place for us to do this together!


Register for December Call here:


if you have questions, send me an email: lisa@lisapeppersatkin.com



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OWN YOUR 2019!

Ready to envision YOUR 2019? This virtual ZOOM workshop will set you up for success in a new year. YOU will plan, create, and strategize around your goals and receive a wonderful new year surprise. 

Join me and a group of inspired women. We will spend the day imagining, creating, and taking time for ourselves that will ensure you create the life you LOVE.

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