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The blind leading the blind

I haven’t been this uncomfortable sharing a story in a long time.  It feels so self-aggrandizing. Oh well, here it goes.

We need more LOVE in the world.  More BIGlove and this is a damn-good feel-good story.

I was driving to my early office – Peet’s Coffee.  I saw a man I have seen for years walking to the bus station.  He is blind. I have often rolled down my window and offered a hand.  He has always said no.

This day was different.  He was leading another blind man.

I said to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding. That seems wrong and way too hard.”  It’s 5:45am. I pulled over and joked with them, ”Hey guys, this is real live ‘blind leading the blind.’  Can I help you in any way?” “That would be great,” said the man I recognized. I pulled over, got out, and led the two of them to the bus stop.

They were headed into San Francisco to exercise at the Y and have lunch with friends.  We introduced ourselves and I learned that Harry and Mike are best friends. They are both 81 years old.  Mike calls Harry “Big Foot.” Harry calls Mike, “Little Foot.”

Can you even imagine?

Harry told me how un-user-friendly the bus stop is for a blind person.  He laughed out loud and said, “At first, they were so proud that it was outfitted with a bright light.  A lot of good that does me.” he chuckled. Three months later the voice activated crossing assistance was implemented.  He also shared that he has to find his way to the end of the bus benches or the correct bus won’t stop. That seems *&^%ed up.  Don’t worry friends, I am already on it.

After they were settled, I offered my phone number and friends’ generosity.  I told them we are a community of people who can help grocery shop and raise hell about the bus stop. I am determined to help. It’s my drug of choice.

When we parted ways, I heard this woman say, “Lisa, your angel wings are showing.”  She had overheard my offerings of BIGlove.

So, my friends, when and where can you wave your angel wings? Trust me, it feels divine.  

BIGlove is the answer.


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