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Executive Therapeutic Coaching with Lisa

"Lisa has worked with me to help me transform my approach to my career, problem-solving executive decision-making, and time management.  My career has changed trajectory because of her sage advice."

-KS, Vice President, Salesforce, California

“Your work has led me into experiences of such richness and challenge. Suddenly a wonderful thing happened (again). Thank you.”

 -EK, Attorney, Sausalito

“I cannot thank you enough for talking to us today and for your willingness to work with us. Your friendship and your professionalism means the world to me. I felt lighter after talking to you and the fact that I took this first step in working towards healing and releasing is so positive.

Thank you for listening, thank you for making it save for me and thank you for your wisdom and guidance.”

-SC, Entrepreneur, Berkeley

“Thank you for your patience and guidance and helping me find my truth.  Your help has been invaluable and you continue to challenge me in my own doubts, and I feel closer to that truth than I ever have.”

-VP, Entrepreneur, SF

“The guidance you gave me moved me greatly.  I began to follow what you suggested and it is an invaluable practice. Everything you have ever said to me, before that moment and since, has had a positive impact on me.  I don’t know you well, but I feel your example in the world is invaluable already to me. And I am sure you are affecting others in the same way.” 

-MM, Author and Consultant to Teens, Young Adults & their Families, Nationwide

“Attending Lisa’s creative retreats has been transformative. It is an amazing, healing experience to take a few days in a beautiful, scenic location throughout the Bay Area. It is so nice to be creative in a safe space with other women dedicated to working on themselves.  I have taken the realizations and the insights into my day to day and created my own healthy practices. The retreats are inspiring, relaxing, introspective and a very special opportunity to connect with ourselves, our environment and other women.”


“A retreat with Lisa is a deep weekend of creative play and luxurious replenishing of self. Delicious food,  massage, laughter and real talk in the evenings. Artistic personal inventory during the day. A Willy Wonka of art supplies for you to experiment with and find inner treasure. The time feels full and slow, private and intimate. You dive as deep as you dare into your personal goals.” 

-BC,  Instructional Coach, SFUSD

“Lisa is a truly gifted healer and therapeutic coach. She has changed the way I approach my marriage and my business by changing my perspective and giving me tools to break negative thought patterns that were holding me back.”

-JB,  Attorney, Father of 5, Husband, SF

“Thank you so much. N’s anxiety decreased significantly and she totally internalized everything you told us on Friday. That first night she voluntarily put herself to bed and although it took her a little while to fall asleep she did it on her own without panicking or even calling me into her room. She did it again Saturday and last night as well AND she took showers by herself. Amazing.

I am looking forward to our next session. School began today and she was so excited.”

-MD, Bookkeeper, Berkeley

“Lisa, today your teaching in my classroom was incredible. Thank you.  It totally coincides with everything we are doing.  Your myHeartyKid work is so, so, so, very important.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful brain, ideas, energy, love and enthusiasm with our class.”                         

-MD, 4th grade teacher, Novato


If you research all of the most successful people you know, you will find one common theme amongst them – they all have someone in their personal and/or professional life that has guided, coached and mentored them to success. The power of having a mentor to help you with challenges is life changing.  

This is what I get to do everyday, all day, all ages, all types of wonderful people.  The difference I bring to the table is my deep understanding of psychology and broad study of behavior.  I combine the two fields to support people in navigating life transitions.

For over 20 years, I have owned my own businesses and love my work.  I work nationally and internationally with clients face-to-face, by telephone and online.  I am both playful and serious.  In our work I am both a therapist and coach and combine these two practices very effectively.  I hold my work with a professional intention and, at the same time, work closely and consistently with clients to guide them toward their path of greater joy.