The Power of practicing gratitude and the benefits

Have you ever noticed that some people maintain a positive attitude no matter what is happening around them? Just like most people, they appreciate good times, they also seem to be positive even when something negative occurs. This positive attitude is cultivated by practicing gratitude. When you practice gratitude, you find a powerful way to […]

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The blind leading the blind

I haven’t been this uncomfortable sharing a story in a long time.  It feels so self-aggrandizing. Oh well, here it goes. We need more LOVE in the world.  More BIGlove and this is a damn-good feel-good story. I was driving to my early office – Peet’s Coffee.  I saw a man I have seen for […]

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Creating Your Circle of Trusted Advisors

The Wall Street Journal has a section called Personal Board of Directors. Several top executives share their stories, along with their “most trusted advisors.” Who are your trusted advisors? Who is on your personal board of directors? A client’s recent reflection captured how our work has impacted him: “It’s not lost on me the powerful […]

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