Creating Your Circle of Trusted Advisors

The Wall Street Journal has a section called Personal Board of Directors. Several top executives share their stories, along with their “most trusted advisors.” Who are your trusted advisors? Who is on your personal board of directors? A client’s recent reflection captured how our work has impacted him: “It’s not lost on me the powerful […]

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Do you ever feel blindsided by the blues?

Do you ever feel blindsided by your blues? Even if you don’t think you suffer from depression, this is for everyone: Lately in my practice, the tears have been streaming down clients’ faces.  “But why am I so sad?” They ask themselves in dissonance. “Everything in my life is going well.” We are often bombarded by social […]

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BIGLove in Action

A year or so ago I helped a friend* take the courageous step in which they asked for positive reflections from friends, family, and colleagues. This was a huge leap for him. We called it ‘BIGlove.’ The remarkable response left the rest of the group open-hearted and believing in the importance of communicating our love […]

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Whale Shark

Recently I was invited by a group of Executives to lead creative coaching sessions for them in Mexico. My invitation was this: “Will you please come on our women’s retreat and do your ‘magic’.” I had no idea what this ultimately would look like, but I said yes, gathered my ‘magic’ and booked my plane […]

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